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Don’t let your business get caught in the crosshairs. FFL Expert offers nationwide FFL consultations and ATF compliance support. Be locked, loaded and ready for business.

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Firearm Collection Buyout

In order to gain the best value, you need to know how much your guns are really worth. While the process of evaluating firearms might be complicated and confusing, FFL Expert makes it easy. We provide thorough written standard appraisals for single firearms to huge gun collections.

ATF Inspection

ATF Inspection Prep

Comprehensive ATF audit prep to ensure your FFL business is always ready for a surprise IOI drop-by. ATF Inspection Prep Services Include:

  • Assistance with preparing for an ATF inspection, including a review of records, procedures and compliance practices.
  • Identification of potential compliance issues and development of strategies to address them before the inspection.
  • Training on ATF inspection requirements, procedures and best practices.
  • Consultation on ATF inspection-related issues, such as changes in regulations or policies.

Inspection Prep Services

FFL Business

FFL Business Support

Keep your FFL business healthy, successful and compliant! FFL support services for new and established FFLs. FFL Business Support Services Include:

  • How to apply for a Federal Firearms License
  • How to maintain your FFL License
  • FFL with SOT
  • Support on choosing the correct FFL
  • Guidance on eForms, wait times and filing

Business Support Services


Crisis Assistance

FFL Expert supports FFL business owners facing ATF revocation. We step in during a crisis to help you maintain your license and avoid penalties. Crisis Assistance Services Include:

  • Immediate response to crisis situations, including an onsite assessment of the situation.
  • Identification of legal and regulatory issues
  • Development of a comprehensive plan to address the crisis, including steps to minimize damage and prevent further violations.
  • Assistance with communicating with the ATF, law enforcement and other relevant parties.
  • Support during ATF investigations and audits.
  • Consultation on legal and regulatory issues related to FFL operations.

How to Fight Back

FFL Paperwork

FFL Paperwork Assistance

We find mistakes, omissions or discrepancies before the ATF does. Our FFL paperwork auditing services help your FFL business avoid ATF compliance issues. FFL Paperwork Auditing Services Include:

  • A comprehensive review of FFL paperwork, including ATF Form 4473, bound book entries and other transaction records.
  • Identification of errors or omissions in paperwork and development of strategies to address them.
  • Assistance with correcting paperwork and bringing records up to date.
  • Training on FFL paperwork requirements, procedures and best practices.
  • Consultation on FFL paperwork-related issues, such as changes in regulations or policies.

Auditing Services


Bound Books

Your firearms business depends on maintaining ATF audit-ready FFL bound books. The ATF can show up at any time and your bound book better be in order. Bound book services include: We’ll prepare you for what they cover, including:

  • Assistance with setting up and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date bound book in compliance with federal regulations.
  • Review of existing bound books to identify any discrepancies or errors and provide recommendations for correction.
  • Training on bound book requirements, procedures and best practices.
  • Consultation on bound book-related issues, such as changes in regulations or policies.

Bound Book Assistance


4473 Forms

The Firearms Transaction Record keeps businesses and gun owners on the right side of the law. Mistakes warrant severe consequences, so get it right the first time. 4473 Form Services include:

  • Assistance with completing the ATF Form 4473 accurately and in compliance with federal and state laws.
  • Review of completed ATF Form 4473 to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Training on ATF Form 4473 requirements, procedures and best practices.
  • Consultation on ATF Form 4473-related issues, such as changes in regulations or policies.
  • Assistance with record-keeping requirements related to ATF Form 4473, including retention and storage of completed forms.

Form 4473 Compliance

Business support for all FFL types

If you import, manufacture or sell firearms, chances are you’re familiar with the complexities of the ATF.

New data shows gun store license revocations at the highest rate in 16 years, with the ATF revoking 3 times as many licenses in 2023 vs 2021. With Biden’s “Zero Tolerance” policy, you’d better get your firearms in order. FFL Expert offers business support for all Federal Firearm License types.

Clarifying the haze surrounding the ATF

The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) is a law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Justice. Primary responsibilities include enforcing federal laws and regulations related to alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, as well as investigating and preventing illegal trafficking. Any law violation results in penalties ranging from verbal or written warnings to the revocation of a store owner’s license to sell firearms.

ATF will seek to revoke the licenses of dealers the first time that they violate federal law by willfully 1) transferring a firearm to a prohibited person, 2) failing to run a required background check, 3) falsifying records, such as a firearms transaction form, 4) failing to respond to an ATF tracing request, or 5) refusing to permit ATF to conduct an inspection in violation of the law.

-The White House
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