How to prevent FFL revocation by ensuring ATF compliance
ATF Compliance

What you need to know about maintaining ATF compliance

Locked, loaded and authorized for business. Running a bulletproof FFL business requires ATF compliance at all times. As you know, the ATF’s Industry Operations Investigators (IOI) aren’t sending a greeting card before stopping by. FFL Expert helps all FFL types nationwide maintain ATF compliance and be fully prepared for an ATF audit.

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Keeping 4473 forms ATF compliant in 2023

According to the ATF's report on violations, 4473 forms accounted for 50% of the most common violations found during ATF firearms inspections. The Firearms Transaction Record is one of the most important documents for FFL businesses. FFL Expert ensures your FFL business has ATF audit-ready 4473 Forms in 2023 and beyond.

ATF audit-proof bound books in 2023

Does your inventory match the A&D book? With FFL Expert’s services, your bound books are bound to impress during an ATF audit. Flawless bound books give a professional appearance to FFL records and demonstrate a commitment to compliance with ATF regulations. Avoid penalties for discrepancies and maintain ATF-ready FFL books with FFL Expert’s services.

Safeguard your right to bear arms. Reach out to FFL Expert for ATF compliance solutions.
ATF compliant 4473 forms & bound books
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