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Imagine correcting 55+ year-old NFA Amnesty paperwork with serial number errors or lawfully handling machine guns outside of the scope of the NFA via Department of Defense (DOD) exemptions. Michael Kwiatkowski, the owner of FFL Expert, comes to you with experience. Mike is a retired Type 09 / Class III FFL/SOT who’s dealt in all classes and categories of firearms, including oddities such as Destructive Devices and both pre-86 and post-86 dealer sample machine guns.

Mike's business was built on providing expertise. This includes researching obscure areas to assist his clients, a review service for scarce/rare pieces and educating his clients about what to look for and things to avoid when searching for their personal "grail gun." FFL Expert was built on providing expertise and spotting problems before audit violations occur. If you’ve had a rough ATF audit, give us a call.

After retiring from Type 09 / Class III FFL/SOT, Mike never really left the industry. Today he describes himself as a risk management consultant. His area of expertise includes:

  • Consulting with clients who are just considering or first opening their own businesses as licensees.
  • Conducting mock audits to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Working with licensees to correct record-keeping errors.

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Assisting an FFL with dozens of ATF Audit violations.
Addressing old NFA paperwork listing a manufacturer as "Don't know."
Consulting with an FFL who discovered that they hired a felon for an employee.
Coordinating with a licensee to add a C&R machine gun to the NFA registry which was erroneously amnesty-registered as a Short Barrel Rifle.
Importer and manufacturer marking variances.
Explaining when interstate transport paperwork 5320.20 is necessary versus unnecessary.
What constitutes gunsmithing versus manufacturing operations.

Yeah... Mike has assisted with some truly weird and obscure matters.
You name it... Mike has seen it and can help.

Attention Cannon and Howitzer Shooters

When he is not working with licensees, Mike can be found chasing down his next Destructive Device. If it's bigger than a .50, you've got his attention! Mike loves talking with other cannon and howitzer shooters. He'd love to hear from you if you have any or know of any for sale!

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