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Maintaining 2023 FFL bound books ready for ATF FFL audits

Your firearms business depends on maintaining ATF audit-ready FFL bound books. The ATF can roll up to your FFL business at any time, and your firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D) had better be in order. Work with FFL Expert to get your A&D record ATF inspection ready without breaking a sweat (or any laws). Services are available nationwide in all 50 states.

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Bound Book requirements for FFLs

ATF bound book requirements for FFLs

There are several requirements for Federal Firearms Licensee compliance with regards to the bound book or A&D. An FFL bound book must:

  • Be permanent and not easily altered.
  • Be sequentially numbered, with each page pre-numbered by the manufacturer or FFL.
  • Have spaces for the required information, including the date of the transaction, the name and address of the buyer or seller, the type of firearm and the serial number of the firearm.
  • Include a record of all firearms acquired and disposed of by the FFL, including information about any firearms lost or stolen.
  • Be kept on the premises of the FFL's business.
  • Be available upon the request of the ATF or IOI (Industry Operations Investigator)

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Maintaining acquisition and disposition record books electronically

Some FFLs prefer to maintain bound books electronically to keep accurate records of firearm transactions. This route requires ATF-approved software, frequent data backups, secure data access and regular FFL audits for accuracy. FFL Expert has experience managing online A&D records and our FFL support services will set you up for success.

5 Common FFL gun log discrepancies

  1. Illegible handwriting:

    Clear records are mandatory, no guesswork.

  2. Incomplete or false information:

    This leads to problems during an audit or if law enforcement needs to trace a firearm. The manufacturer, importer, model, serial number and caliber gauge must all be recorded.

  3. Failure to record all firearms:

    Every firearm in your possession must be clearly recorded including guns sold, transferred or disposed of.

  4. Failure to update information:

    The sale or transfer of a firearm should be updated in a timely manner.

  5. Not securing the bound book:

    The bound book should be secure and be available only to authorized personnel to prevent theft.

Electronic A&D bound books

ATF penalties for bound book mistakes

ViolationFinesImprisonment (years)Revocation
Failure to maintain accurate records Up to $250,000 1 - 5 yes
Failure to record all firearms Up to $1,000 per violation 0 - 1 no
Failure to record required information Up to $1,000 per violation 0 - 1 no
Falsifying information in the bound book Up to $250,000 1 - 10 yes
Failure to timely report lost or stolen firearms Up to $1,000 per violation 0 - 1 no

Preparing your bound book for an ATF audit

FFL Expert will get your bound book ready and help you prepare for an ATF audit. When an IOI drops by, they’ll audit every serialized item in your business. If your items don't match the serial numbers in your books, you’re in trouble. To avoid penalties or citations, your A&D book should mirror your business’s serialized transitions down to the letter.

We have the right to bear arms and the right to bear great customer service. Contact FFL Expert for bound book help.
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